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PSPTris v0.6

Size: 950 KB
Date: May 7, 2006 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • PSPTris_06.zip

Author: Sandberg
Email: n/a

Sandberg has released a new homebrew game, PSPTris v0.6. PSPTris is a tetris clone for the PSP. Although this is the stand alone version, Sandberg plans to make it run as a plugin for Raf's PSPRadio homebrew applciation.

This homebrew game plays really well, and will challenge the very best tetris players whilst on the hardest difficulty setting (level 9). When implemented, this game will be a great addition to PSPRadio; and with PSPRadio now featuring a fully-functional browser, and with the addition of PSPTris as a plugin to come, PSPRadio is changing from an online radio streaming application to an all-purpose shell!

PSPTris has been tested to work on both 1.5 and 2.0+ using the latest eLoader.

Update Description:
- The keyhandling are more responsive (quicker) in the game.
- The blockhandling has been rewritten, so rotation etc. should work correct now.
- Better handling when entering highscores (it automatically selects next position after having entered a character).
- Updated the danzeff OSK so that it doesn't need the transperant images. This saves 1 MB of system memory. (the transperancy still works).
- Mute the music while the game is paused.
- Update the bricks so that there are more differences in the colors.

- New gametype has been added (matching colors).
- Game instructions added to the menu.
- A line counter has been added to the classic game.
- Exploding effect added when removing lines/balls.
- Sounds effects has been added to the game.

- Game type selection - You can currntly choose between Classic and Brick (Availible in the next version) - Level selection - Select your difficulty level from 1-9 - High score table - Show off your PSPTris high scores to your friends!

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew.com/psp/psptris.shtml


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