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PSP Revolution (Anime Ver.) v.2

Size: 47.11 MB
Date: July 10, 2006 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • Anime_Style_v2.zip

Author: MonkeyBoy1916
Email: n/a

Monkeyboy1916 has just released another mod for PSP Revolution. If you can recall, a few days ago he gave us the firs batch of his anime-themed mods inspired from Full Metal Alchemist, Yuyu Hakusho, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Inuyasha. Monketboy1916 must be a huge anime fan, as his letter to us can't contain his excitement with his awesome creation.

In his own words:
"Here is my latest release of Anime Style mod of PSP Revolution, First of all i would like to thank RomTheStampede for all his help in making the images for this release, he is an awesome designer. This new release has added so many more songs and 3 new anime's ( Naruto, Bleach, & Code Lyoko "not really an anime but wtevr" ). I also added a couple new songs to the other anime's too. Im not sure if i will be continuing this, but if i do, i know i got all the help i could need. It is a big download, so only get it if you have bigger than 32mb mem stick. Thx for all the help everyone, and i hope you enjoy this new release!!!"


YuYu Hakusho (Ghost Files/Poltergeist Report)
This is one manga/anime that Monkryby1916 will never get tired of watching. It's about a tough high school kid, Yusuke Urameshi, being chosen to be one of the lead detectives of the spirit world. He meets allies along the way like his rival Kazuma Kuwabara, Fire Demon Hiei and soft spoken demon Kurama. Yuseke's special weapon is the Rei Gun.

YYH 001YYH 002:
In this game you'll hear the familiar opening theme in its native Japanese by Mawatari Matsuko sung by Seiyuu Megumi Ogata titled Hohoemi no Bakudan [Arigato Gozaimasu!] (Smile Explosion [Thank You Very Much!]). But MonkeyBoy1916 think that the backgound could use some more editing since it's showing up pixelized. And MonkeyBoy1916 did also make the background a shade lighter.

Neon Genesis Evangelion:
This is a very interesting one. A mixture of cute and tough. The "Second Impact" wiped out the world's population and by 2015, the world is still under restoration when mysterious entities called "Angels" suddenly strike Tokyo-3, a specially planned city under construction in the Hakone area. NERV, a United Nations special agency, reactivate their multi-purpose humanoid fighting machines, "Evangelions" with 14-year-old youngsters at the helm.

EVA 001EVA 002:
At first MonkeyBoy1916 wasn't sure if the slow opening theme titled A Cruel Angel's Thesis sung by Yoko Takahashi was a good choice for a aong to "dance" to. But after increasing the level of difficulty, my doubts all went down the drain. In the second song, Asuka's theme, MonkeyBoy1916 just thought that the background used could have been a little less somber since the song was an upbeat one.

Some people thought that after a while the anime (as well as the manga) got a little bit dragging, because of too much fillers. And MonkeyBoy1916 think Naruto is suffering the same fate, but that's just me. Anyway, InuYasha is a shounen action adventure romantic comedy, with elements from the horror genre. Since, it's shounen, this is one is for the chics, eventhough shounen means young boy in Japanese.

InuYasha 001InuYasha 002:
MonkeyBoy1916 did have to be bias on this one, because Do As Infinity is one of MonkeyBoy1916 favorite bands. Too bad they've already broken up. And Amuro Namie, in her own words, is the Queen of Hip-Pop. Enough said.

Full Metal Alchemist:
MonkeyBoy1916 have just recently been into this anime and I must say, it is a very good one. Eventhough the characters are all cute and cuddly, the underlying plot in every episode is quite mature. Of coutse there is the general theme of love, friendship, brotherhood, etcetera.

FMA 001FMA 002FMA 003:
MonkeyBoy1916 was a little bit disappointed that instead of Laruku's Ready Steady Go it was Link that was included. In MonkeyBoy1916 opinion RSG would have made a better dance tune. And Hyde's voice was much better in that one. MonkeyBoy1916 probably made the biggest effort to hopefully, last a little longer in the game because MonkeyBoy1916 want to hear Asian Kung Fu Generation's Rewrite in full. And maybe the best background image of the bunch is in this pack.

Just download the file and install it like your regular game. MonkeyBoy1916 had some trouble making it show in IR Shell, maybe you could just rename the folders to avoid having the same trouble.

MonkeyBoy1916 just released this, MonkeyBoy1916 got permission from the creator to mod it aswell, It is a modded version of PSP Revolution 2, it has all anime menus and songs, hope you will put it up, i know alot of people that are looking forward to it. Thx

P.S. MonkeyBoy1916 would like to thank FlammingCowz of psp3d for helping MonkeyBoy1916 get the required files to make the beats, if it wasnt for him, it would have taken MonkeyBoy1916 forever to make them.

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew.com/psp/psprevolutionanimever.shtml


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