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PSP Revolution v0.3

Size: 19.93 MB
Date: November 22, 2006 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • PSPR_v03.rar

Author: Dennis
Email: n/a

Are your coordination skills still up to par? Are you still good with your fingers? We don't think anyone's really that bad with their fingers. It's all a matter of how you use them, anyways. That's why practice will always help.

Now we haven't heard from PSP Revolution recently. All we've been getting for some time now are mods and additional "skins." But today, DeNitro and Devin923 have released PSP Revolution v0.3 for everyone to get busy with. For those not familiar with this non-hombrew-looking homebrew (shame!), it's played much like Step Mania. Keep up with the music and make sure you time your button presses well when they hit the indicators on the top of the screen.

Update Description:
- Added 2 "Hide" mods in song option screen - Dark and Blind
- Added 1 "Effects" mod in song options screen - Dizzy
- Added support for dynamic background changes read from .SM files with option to toggle on and off
- Step hit detection now based on a timing window that is consistent across all BPM ranges
- Set timing windows on step hits set to be identical to In the Groove (which is very close to StepMania Judge 4)
- Added .GIF and .BMP file support
- Added song background scaling options and sampling modes into system options screen
- Song select screen now shows a song's lowest and highest BPM speed
- New grading and scoring system based off of DDR MAX 2
- Score Screen Redesigned
- Song Preview Music now plays proper section of a song instead of from the beginning
- Added a slight delay to preview playback for a better feel when selecting songs
- Combined the top arrow base file with the top arrow file to save a draw each frame
- Song background images now scale to fit the PSP screen by default
- Max song image size supported increased to 1024x768+
- Changed logic for main menu music playback when selecting themes
- Screenshots now saved as .JPG's to the PSP's photo folder (1.5 firmware doesn't show .PNG's)
- Top arrow animation changed to flash at 1/4th the songs current bpm, and step animation frames sync to match
- Changed song loading so that .SM file is preferred over .DWI file and will always be used first if available
- Normalized difficulty text to be consistent using Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenge, and Other
- Improved in game score display to be animated and always display 9 digits
- Song and pack lists are now sorted alphabetically
- Added a noise-shaping and dithering algorithm to mp3 playback for increased audio accuracy
- New step explosion effects that are now colored to match type of hit
- Added an option for a delay to exit a song with the R-trigger (2 seconds by Default)
- Added theme metrics support for more game customization. See the instructions.txt in the theme folder.
- Song and Pack names that are too long to display will now scroll
- Added 3 new arrow colors and better separated step colors by where in the current beat the step falls
- Up and Down on D-pad may now be held for fast scrolling of pack and song lists
- Current theme selection and CPU speed are now saved and reloaded when restarting the game
- Improved resource handling to maintain a higher amount of free linear memory space
- Greatly receded memory usage of step and beat information when a song is loaded to play
- Significantly decreased game and song load times.

- Improved syncing for a few songs which were still off, such as a few in the DDR 8th mix pack
- Fixed a bug that caused a rare sound glitch in the beginning of certain song files
- Fixed themes loading of custom sound effect (.wav) files
- Fixed bug(?) in libTremor that was causing slight instabilities due to an ~7KB memory leak on song changes (OGG library)
- Correct theme is highlighted when entering/re-entering the theme change menu
- Fixed banner support for jpegs
- Changed screenshot logic to prevent cases of overwriting older screenshots
- SMANIAC(SM) and Challange(DWI) steps feet color set to purple
- Freezes and and BPM changes no longer cause sync issues in songs
- MP3 and OGG audio that is not encoded at 44.1 kHz is now resampled to play correctly
- Fixed playback of 1 channel (Mono) OGG song files
- Fixed bug that caused speed mods to loose accuracy
- Fixed instabilities when running with an eLoader

- Added theme support for loading custom graphics
- Added an options menu to the song select screen (accessible by pressing SQUARE)
- Arrow Speed Modifiers available in the song options menu (see above)
- Preliminary support for song Freezes (Like in Sandstorm)
- OGG Music files are now supported
- JPG Background files are now supported
- Beginner "feet" color added
- Music preview plays for selected song at song select screen
- Marathon songs are now supported
- Letter grades are now awarded at the song score screen

- Song difficulty selection is now sorted easiest(left) to hardest(right)
- Holds are now active a little longer after button release
- Song select screen now scrolls the list with more than 18 entries
- Missed steps now are now counted as soon as they go out of "boo" range
- Combo numbers are now outlined for more definition
- Top arrows are lit up to match the song's beat
- Game now runs at the default CPU speed (222mhz) (reduces battery usage)
- Graphics mode now 32-bit
- Combo counter during gameplay now displays up to 4 digits
- Putting the PSP into suspend mode during a song will return game to main menu when resumed
- MP3's (along with OGG's) are now streamed from the Memory Stick during play
- Speed improvement when flipping through song lists
- Much improved error handling throughout the game
- Support for a wider variety of song banners (will rotate/resize them into place)

- Increased Song Compatibility
- Changed how arrows are synced
- Arrow's should no longer "drift" slightly out of sync during the duration of a song
- Fixed reading of interlaced PNG files which would previously crash song select screen
- Fixed rare cases of broken hold notes
- Fixed rare case of songs missing the first couple of steps
- Fixed bug where holds very close to a step on same column being hit with the step hit
- Fixed missing difficulty text during game and score screen
- Pressing several buttons at once no longer crashes song select screen
- No longer need to change the folder name for v2.0+ Eboot Loaders
- Fixed a small memory leak which could cause crashes after numerous songs are played.
- Fixed a bug where arrows would stop coming up during gameplay
- Other minor bug fixes

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew.com/psp/psprevolution.shtml


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