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PSP Millionaire v1.10

Size: 5.01 MB
Date: December 14, 2005 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • PSPMillionaire_1.10.rar

Author: FakeBlood2002
Email: n/a

PSPMillionaire has released a version of PSP Millionaire, version 1.10. This constantly improving brain-game is based on the TV show �Who Wants to be a Millionaire?� In this game you must answer the question correctly to advance on to the next level of questions in order to win more cash.

Update Description:
- Total Questions now 1050!
- 2 Player mode added!

You can now play with two players. For now there is no wifi. Here is the rundown:
- Each player gets a question starting with player one.
- Answer correct and you move up a rank to the next dollar amount.
- Answer wrong and you fall down to the last major point. For example, if you were at $8000 and got it wrong, you would drop back down to $1000.
- Whether you get it right or wrong you only get one question per turn.
- After your turn pass the PSP to your second player and he or she will repeat the above.
- The first player to a million wins.
- Each player gets 2 of each lifeline to use as they wish throughout the game. The amount of lifelines you have left are visible on the stats screen between each question. You cannot use the same lifeline twice in one question.

v1.07:,br> - Total Questions now 1000!.
- Bug fixes for Custom Questions.
- Start button removed as a restart option.
- Made the game malfunction.

- This is version 1.06 with a fix. In 1.06 I broke the green answer light! So this fixes it.
- Use Custom Questions added to start menu.
- Custom folder added. Inside this folder is a Question adder in which you can add your your own questions. Adding questions is as simple as typing in the dollar amount, typing your question, four choices, and the answer and clicking Save Question. Please read the ReadMe file for complete details. Using "Use Custom Questions" from the start menu will use your questions in the game. There has to be at least one question per dollar amount or this will not enter the custom mode.

- 100 questions added. Total questions: 950.
- Reset Questions option added to start menu. Will clear all previously asked questions.
- More sound effects from the show added.
- Total times won a million displayed.

- 100 questions added. Total questions: 850.
- Questions will no longer repeat until all questions in that dollar amount have been gone through, even after the game has been turned off. Used questions are saved to files. To clear the questions in case this becomes too slow delete everything in the Qstats.lua file and set all numbers in Counts.lua to 0.

- Question choices are now shuffled.
- Questions now use quotations instead of apostrophes for quotes in questions.
- Simple title screen added.

- 100 questions added. Total questions is now 750.
- Ability to walk away with money added by hitting R.
- Some typos in questions fixed.
- Audience Poll code updated.
- Total Earnings added to end of game screen. Will add up every time you play, whether in one sitting or also if you turn the game off and play again later.
- A few more responses to answers added.
- Music bug fixed after hitting X at the check screen.
- Font changed.
- 50/50 sound effect corrected.
- Audience Poll music now loops until X is pushed.
- Money amount colors changed to orange.

- Question answers are selected by using the arrow keys, followed by hitting the X button with the desired answer chosen.
- Includes all questions from Question Packs 1 & 2.

- puts the total of questions up to 300, so there is plenty of replayability.

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew.com/psp/pspmillionaire.shtml


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