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PSPanel De Pon v1.0

Size: 520 KB
Date: July 20, 2006
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • PSPanelDePon-v1.0.zip

Author: db26
Email: n/a

As Shakespeare once wrote in his most famour play, Romeo and Juliet. So whether you prefer to call it Panel De Pon or Tetris Attack, it' still one of the most enjoyable game to date.

Panel De Pon is a puzzle game developed for the Super Famicom and was later released in North America as Tetris Attack which features characters from Yoshi's Island. It was later on released as Pokemon Puzzle League for Nintendo 64. And as Access_ Denied pointed out in the forum thread, the first images used by db26 were from that game.

Even though, there are some differences in featured characters, the gameplay is still the same. All you have to do is match similar blocks of the same face to collapse the tower preventing it from reaching the top. Switching two blocks would require you to place the two hollow squares over the blocks you want to switch and press X to select. It has all the elements of Tetris with a twist.

The overall graphics of the game pales in comparison with the sugary sweet backgrounds found in the original, so that took a little bit of getting used to. Good news is that he promises to inlcude "flashier graphics" in his next release. Music wouldn't hurt as well, I reckon.

The game is still a bit slow, so you better be on your toes, for those easy matches. I sometimes get all panicky because those that I've already matched aren't disappearing yet and the stack is about to reach the top. It's a good way to keep your reflexes in check though.

Update Description:
Current issues:
- Chains are not counted yet.
- Blocks don't stop rising while blocks are matched but not yet deleted.
- Other blocks can be added to combos before deletion of already made matches.

What's to come:
- Better score-keeping. (currently only stores high scores... Not names.)
- Skins/Themes during game progression.
- Different Modes of gameplay. (currently only "Endless Mode")
- Flashier graphics.
- Optimization. (it hasn't seemed to matter yet, but I haven't used pointers at all except for fading in the intro. This is "Java laziness" getting to me...)
- Vs. Mode? (maybe if I'm feeling ambitions)

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew/psp/pspaneldepon.shtml


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