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Miner PSP Alpha [Dec 23, 2005]
MinerVGA is an old DOS game in which you move the miner around, mining various natural resources, trying to mine it all until your health reaches zero. more...

Minesweeper [Oct 7, 2005]
It's a nice conversation of a game which is well known and comes with every Windows version by default... It's Minesweeper! more...

Move It [Aug 18, 2006]
The aim of the game is to move the blocks with keys over the keyholes and open all the locks to reach the next level. You could use the D-Pad or the Analog stick to move the mouse cursor. more...

Nanpure Beta R3 (aka Sudoku) [Sep 10, 2006]
EvilDooinz has released Rev 3 of his game Nanpure a.k.a Sudoku. more...

Petals Around The Rose [Aug 14, 2006]
Waterbottle has released a homebrew puzzle game for the PSP today titled Petals Around the Rose. more...

Portable Hangman v1.0 [Jun 12, 2006]
In this classic puzzle game you have to guess the letters in the word until you either get the correct answer, and win, or the picture of a stick person being hung is fully drawn, meaning you loose. more...

Portable MasterMind v1.01 [Jan 24, 2006]
Kennethdm has just released an update to his hombrew game, Portable Mastermind v1.01, If you're not familiar with MasterMind, the goal is to guess what color circles solve the puzzle in a certain order. more...

PSPairs [May 14, 2006]
kozine has just released his first Lua game, PSPairs. more...

PSPanel De Pon v1.0 [Jul 20, 2006]
Panel De Pon is a puzzle game developed for the Super Famicom and was later released in North America as Tetris Attack which features characters from Yoshi's Island. It was later on released as Pokemon Puzzle League for Nintendo 64. And as Access_ Denied pointed out in the forum thread, the first images used by db26 were from that game. more...

PSPLife [Oct 10, 2006]
Here's a short explanation of how the game works if you think you have the brainpower to conquer this on your PSP. more...

PSPLot v0.4 [Oct 7, 2005]
This is a logic game in which the goal is to get the Red Car out of the parking lot. more...

PSPoggle v0.3 [Mar 26, 2006]
Zack3008 has released a new version of his Boogle game in Lua, this new version features a new name, so it shall now be called: PSPoggle. more...

PSP Sokoban v1.0 [Feb 20, 2006]
PSP Sokoban is another clone of the classic game sokoban (warehouse keeper) to the PSP. more...

PSPSudoku v1.0 [Aug 28, 2006]
PSPSudoku is a PSP clone of the world's famous logic-based placement puzzles - Sudoku. more...

PSP Tic Tac Toe [Jun 9, 2006]
There have been already numerous homebrew games dedicated to the pen-and-paper game tic-tac-toe. To date, there have been four tic-tac-toe homebrew games featured here at QJ: there was one by Aerol33t, Xs, Alexi02, and BlackPhoenix. Now here's another one coded by cools, the same cools that gave us PSP Monopoly. more...

PSPTris v0.6 [May 7, 2006]
Sandberg has released a new homebrew game, PSPTris v0.6. PSPTris is a tetris clone for the PSP. more...

PSPTris TFC [Jun 21, 2006]
This is the classic tetris game that we all know and love. more...

PSPXnO [Okt 25, 2007]
The point of the game is simple. Two players on one PSP have to take turns putting either crosses or naughts in a three-by-three grid. more...

PuzzleShuffle v0.2 [Jul 23, 2007]
We can almost say that this homebrew game is a classic. more...

Reactor v1.3 Standalone [Aug 31, 2006]
In version 1.3 the proton's velocity in Reactor is now timer based. The framerate may change with CPU load, but the game should play at a constant speed regardless. more...

Sci-Fi Yoyo v0.9 [Aug 21, 2006]
snowmydog has just released another update to his excellent homebrew game, Sci-Fi Yoyo version 0.9. more...

Scrabble v0.2 [Nov 13, 2005]
Fullerlee has updated his very nicely made Scrabble game for your PSP, written in Lua, to version 0.2. This is a two player game in which you play scrabble versus each other and get your word on. Scrabble includes the options to change the amount of letters, a timer, sound, and bonus. more...

SensitivePSP v1 fix [Oct 12, 2006]
SensitivePSP is a puzzle-style homebrew game and beliebve it or not is the developer, Jamie Fuller's first release! more...

Skater Maze [Mar 9, 2006]
You are skateboarding through along a path, minding your own business, when you suddenly find that you're being chased, by two mindless thugs from the other gang. Your only hope is to collect enough coins to take the bus home. Can you do it? more...

So do we have a deal or what? v0.31 US Version [Apr 21, 2006]
So Do We Have a Deal or What is a game that plays just like on the game show Deal or No Deal. more...

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Zion v1.2
Arukone v1.1
Greedy Penguins
CaPriCe v2.1
Delfin-Shift v1.0
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Highlander v1.1
22Othello v0.1
CellarDoor v1.0.2
Next Element v1.0
Phoinix v1.4.1
Car v1.00f
Argon V v1.03
Mulg vIIq
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