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3D Tic Tac Toe [Aug 29, 2006]
This great little homebrew game includes both 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 grids as well as a fairly good AI that will most probably beat you if you haven't played 3D Tic Tac Toe before. more...

Atomix [Mar 19, 2006]
Atomix is a from-scratch-remake of the Linux game of the same name by Jens Finke. Inside you will find 19 playable levels along with an editor so you can keep challenging yourself (and your friends!) when you've finished with the included levels. more...

BlockZ [Feb 5, 2006]
This game is kind of a cross between Bust-a-Move and Breakout, you control a bouncing block that changes color sporadically, while you try to knock out colored blocks coming in from the ceiling. more...

Boxy II v0.6.6 [Mar 26, 2007]
A new version of Boxy II has just hit the streets, which is being diligently worked on by Ghoti. more...

BunnyTetris v2.94 [May 25, 2007]
As you are all aware, several coders have come up with different kinds of Tetris game in the past but it's always good to have some options. more...

Chao Maze v0.5 [Dec 22, 2005]
Chaomaze v5 BETA By HEDZX, Collect all the fruit or rings and the mini sonic or shadow, etc, to go to the next level. more...

Color Blocks [Jun 4, 2006]
Colored Blocks, designed by Dragula96. Lua player 15 or newer is needed to play this game. more...

Color Puzzle r2 [Oct 16, 2006]
AbE's back with his Color Puzzle homebrew, and if you enjoyed the first release, we know you're gonna like this one too. more...

CoLUAmns v0.1 [Oct 7, 2005]
Mike Haggar comes up with a new LUA game... this time... an alltime classic: A Columns remake called "CoLUAmns". more...

Dr. Mario PSP v0.3 [Oct 7, 2005]
Quick and dirty clone of Dr. Mario, Haggar has updated his Dr. Mario remake for the PSP. more...

Droplets v1.0 [Jun 21, 2006]
The object of Droplets is to clear all the blobs off the board by selectively filling certain blobs until they burst, sending drops towards neighboring blobs causing a chain reaction! more...

DYOX [Aug 22, 2006]
It's a simple but fun puzzle game called DYOX, Aside from the main menu, the game is very complete, It includes 15 levels, cutscenes, and an actual storyline. more...

Electris v1.0 [May 22, 2006]
In this puzzle game, the player's objective is to align the falling blocks to create closed circuits which will then be removed from the board. more...

Fuse Moxa [Jun 20, 2006]
As it is a Lua port, you'll be needing a Lua Player; however, the latest Lua version - v0.20 - is unable to run this game. If you decide to try out this game, here's how the game goes: your obejective is to put the moxa into the line of fire and burn them all. more...

Guess the Number v1.5 [Jul 26, 2006]
You're going to try and guess the mystery number in the range (that differs for each difficulty level) in the least number of attempts. That's it. more...

Hexaxis XXI [Feb 10, 2008]
Fans of the NeoFlash coding competition entry Hexaxis XXI should check its newest version - Hexaxis update 9 - several months after the last version was released by homebrew developer Darksoft. more...

Link Fun [Dec 22, 2005]
An anonymous Chinese author has released a port of the Link Fun for PSP, Link Fun is a time killer game for office ladies in China. more...

LPairs v0.2 [Jan 12, 2006]
LPairs is a memory game where the player flips over cards in a grid two-at-a-time to see if they match. If they do, they are removed from the board. The game ends when all the pairs are removed. Simple, yes, but fun! more...

LUAmines v0.6a [Nov 28, 2006]
Dragula96, after having us Test Our Might on our PSPs, got back to tooling with his LUAmines baby (it's been a long time, baby), and he's happy to report LUAmines is now v0.6a. more...

Lua Mosser [Jun 22, 2006]
A few days ago, Gamma has given us his Lua port of Kuni's award-winning puzzle game, mosser. Attested by people who tried out Lua Mosser a.k.a. Fuse Moxa, the game is truly addicting. If you were one of those poeple who got hooked to the game, here's a new version to get you more addicted still. more...

LUA Sudoku v1.0 [Jul 24, 2006]
Arobase makes another set of improvements for his LUA game, Sudoku. Just in case you're in the dark as to what this game is, it's a logic-based placement game where you enter a number from 1 to 9 in each cell of a 9x9 grid that is made up of 3x3 subgrids ("regions") - now each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each numeral. more...

LUAtris v0.1 [Oct 7, 2005]
Mike Haggar has released a new game to the public, now it's a Tetris game made in Lua. more...

Mastermind v0.5 [Nov 16, 2006]
The game is called Mastermind and it's now in version 0.5. How do you play the game? Well, basically, you have to find a four-color combination and you 10 chances or tries to accomplish that. more...

Meltdown v0.5 [Aug 21, 2006]
The goal of Meltdown is to drag rows and columns of reactor cores (yes, those circles on the screen) and group them by color in order to destroy them. more...

Memory Game v0.7 [Oct 7, 2005]
DSI has released a new Lua game thats made to test your memory and its also a great looking game. more...

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Little John (LJP) v1.1
Zion v1.2
Arukone v1.1
Greedy Penguins
CaPriCe v2.1
Delfin-Shift v1.0
pocketSand v0.83
Highlander v1.1
22Othello v0.1
CellarDoor v1.0.2
Next Element v1.0
Phoinix v1.4.1
Car v1.00f
Argon V v1.03
Mulg vIIq
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