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Speed Pass v.1 [May 21, 2006]
Sousanator has released his sort of tribute to a classic car game we used to play on those handhelds of long ago. more...

Speed Reflex v2.5 [Mei 2, 2007]
Speed Reflex is a Lua-coded racing game built to test your reflexes. more...

Spider Solotaire v1.03 [May 23, 2006]
The aim of Spider Solitaire is to remove all of the cards from the ten stacks fewest number of moves. To remove cards from the ten stacks , move the cards from one column to another until you line up a suit of cards in order from king to ace, when you line up a complete suit, those cards are removed. more...

Square Edition v.1 [Oct 3, 2006]
Concocted by Peter D. and KyuubiDX of Deviant Staff, this mod of DDR for PSP comes with Square Enix menus and songs. It features Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, and hopefully, the songlist will be a lot bigger in the near future. As of now, there are only 12 songs, but Peter D. is positive that he will be releasing Anime Style v5 within a week. more...

StarGun [Feb 12, 2006]
Steve Hernandez (aka PacManFan) as just released a new other games, StarGun. more...

Star Wars Space Rocks v1.01 [Nov 16, 2005]
dragula96 has released a new version of his Star Wars: Rocks for the PSP, version 1.01. Star Wars Rocks is a space shooter in which you are the Milennium Falcon, shooting rocks and Tie Fighters. more...

Star Was Iris v0.1 [Apr 3, 2006]
This mod features many star wars characters including Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Boba Fett. more...

Stepmania Port v2.0 [Nov 16, 2005]
Joreofiorio35 has released version 2.0 of his stepmania port for the PSP, written in Lua. Think of this game like Dance Dance Revolution, but using the D-pad instead of your feet. more...

Stick Dance [Mar 15, 2006]
Stick Dance for Lua is an addicting little game in which you can control a stick figure as he dances to the music. more...

Super Bot WIP [Oct 5, 2006]
The aim of Super Bot is to jump over the oncoming obstacles in a mario-style platformin game that takes you through varying landscapes such as 'the staircase' and 'the kitchen' with some weird glass thing door with blue dots on it. more...

Super Bunny World [Apr 6, 2006]
This is a easter mod for Super Mini Mario Rev. 3 made by MaDSouL! more...

Super Chao [Apr 7, 2006]
Super Chao is a simple, but addicting Lua game that takes the gameplay form of many popular homebrew games (Vector Infector Port and AOTM). more...

Super Chibi Fighters [Aug 17, 2006]
Hedzx has released the first public beta of his LUA coded game he named Super Chibi Fighters. more...

SuperCobra v0.7 [Feb 24, 2006]
Today is a day for flying! First we get the top-down aerial fighter KETM, and now we have the side-scrolling plane antics of SuperCobra. more...

SuperDog 2 [Mar 20, 2006]
SuperDog 2 allows gamers to control over the heroic SuperDog on his quest to save babies falling from the sky. more...

Super Mario Bros: Iceland [Jan 31, 2006]
Alienware has released his SuperTux mod entitled Super Mario Bros �Iceland�. more...

Super Mario Demo [Dec 14, 2005]
Mario Demo by team TOPOC. This demo includes a Super Mario clone with low resolution graphics, scrolling, and jumping. more...

Super Mario Milestone v.2 [Mar 12, 2006]
Here you go everyone.Supertux Mod -Super Mario Milestone2. It comes with all new graphics, enemies, sounds stages, backgrounds - oh my! more...

Super Mario Mini [Mar 1, 2006]
This great remake of the classic Super Mario Bros games with completely original levels! more...

Super Mario Mini Mod [Sep 10, 2006]
This new mod is not just a simple GFX change, but a whole new game. more...

Super Mario Portable [Mar 17, 2006]
Team TOPOC has taken over the work of Team TMDGAMES (funny name ;-)) and continued to work on Super Mario Portable for PSP, a clone of Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers. more...

Super Mario Portable Demo v0115 [Jan 15, 2006]
Super Mario Portable is a W.I.P. Super Mario game for the PSP. Instead of direct porting, the author is trying to implement the game engine from the ground. more...

Super Mario Power Coins v1.0 [Oct 30, 2006]
The game is actually a Xandu rendition of Super Mario Power Coins (one we played is in Spanish). more...

Super Mario War v1.01 [Jun 20, 2006]
Super Mario War, which gives players the goal of stomping as many enemy Marios as they can, has been ported into the PSP by Percival and PSP 3D last week. more...

SuperMasterPSP v1.5 [Feb 8, 2006]
Lostjared released his game SuperMasterPSP for the PSP. more...

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Little John (LJP) v1.1
Zion v1.2
Arukone v1.1
Greedy Penguins
CaPriCe v2.1
Delfin-Shift v1.0
pocketSand v0.83
Highlander v1.1
22Othello v0.1
CellarDoor v1.0.2
Next Element v1.0
Phoinix v1.4.1
Car v1.00f
Argon V v1.03
Mulg vIIq
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