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LocoRoco Style v1 [Aug 8, 2006]
MonkeyBoy1916's latest creation might tickle your fancy as he proudly brings to all of you, Loco Roco lovers, the PSP Revolution Loco Roco Style v1. more...

luaAirForce [Nov 17, 2006]
The game is luaAirForce and the homebrew developer claims that this is the first game that he has coded without the help of any tutorials and from the looks of it, he is going towards the right direction with this one. more...

Lua Copter v0.2 Beta [Sep 27, 2006]
Copter is one of the most popular Flash games the worldwide web has to offer, and having had three versions, from three different developers (Shatterdome, Glynnder, lmtlmt). more...

LUA Icy Tower v0.3 [Nov 28, 2006]
It looks like german PSP coder Fredddy has gone Lua coding mad and released an update to his LUA Icy Tower homebrew game clone of Icy Tower, a freeware game originally released by Free Lunch Design back in 2001. more...

LUA Little Fighter 2 v1.65 Beta [Jan 23, 2006]
PsPmad has released his small fighting game written in LUA language, Little Fighter 2 v1.65 Beta. more...

LUA Snake v1.0 [Jul 2, 2006]
This is Zion's first Lua game, and hopefully it will lead to many more! Bith the grass and desert levels have been modified, and so has the Snake logo in order to make it look that little bit nicer. more...

LuaTennis V1.1 [Nov 7, 2006]
Yohoum's LuaTennis V1.1 may look a little bit like pong, but it does have a few differences to it that makes it a lot more like tennis than Pong. more...

Luigi Jump [Mar 28, 2006]
Kozine has released the first version of his LUA Luigi Jump. In this alpha version, you can only see Luigi on the screen, move him around and jump. more...

Lunar Lander v0.5 [Jan 8, 2006]
Lunar Lander, by thepixelatedpoo, is a remake of a classic game where you must traverse the dangers of the moon's surface and struggle against the lack of gravity to safely reach the landing pad in tact. more...

MaDGiC Pentomino v0.1.0a [Jan 8, 2006]
The goal is simple, We have some shapes, or more precisely Pentominoes (shapes made with 5 adjacents squares), and you have to place these shapes freely (direction, face) on a grid of random digits between 0 and 9 in order to make that the sum of all covered grid cells digits reach the maximum you can. more...

MaDnEsS [May 15, 2006]
Kozine has released the final version of his Lua game, MaDnEsS. more...

Madness Interactive [Dec 12, 2005]
Neodudeman just released his Madness Interactive Lua Port Beta Version, This is a port of the swf game Madness, currently, this version is just a COMPLETE Beta. more...

Magic8Ball v.1 [Feb 14, 2007]
It answers any yes and no questions. more...

Magic Maze v0.1 [Dec 7, 2005]
LUA Magic Maze is a port of Ravensburger game "Labyrinth" in Lua scripting language. more...

Mario Don t Drop the PSP v3 (Halloween Edition) [Nov 5, 2006]
DreaDNoughT is back, and together with Kevin, has released v3.0 (Halloween Edition) of Mario Don't Drop the PSP. more...

Marvin Ice Hockey [Oct 7, 2005]
Ice Hockey Game for Lua. more...

Masonman LUA Game Pack [Nov 20, 2006]
Over at DCEmu, masonman shared his LUA game pack. more...

MasterPiecePSP v2.0 [Jan 16, 2006]
MasterPiecePSP is a Tetris like game, except instead of dealing with differently shaped pieces the goal of Masterpiece is to rotate the colored bars on each block in order to join up three of the same color. more...

McDonalds Serve \'N Go [May 5, 2006]
McDeez Sim for PSP, very fun. Requires LUA Player. more...

Megaman Power Blasters [Oct 15, 2006]
Mailas G pays homage to the rivalry between Megaman and Protoman with this ongoing project, Megaman Power Blasters. more...

Metal Blob Solid v1.04 [May 19, 2006]
Metal Blob Solid is a tactical 2D platformer that is an adoption for the PSP from Parallel Realities. more...

Metriod: Planets v.2 [Jan 24, 2006]
Nayon has just released v-2 of his Metriod: Planets mod for Super Tux, This game, although sitting at version -2, is shaping up very nicely, and is now compatible with firmware 2.0. more...

Metroid: Return of the SA-X v2.75 [Oct 10, 2006]
Ninja9393 has just released v2.75 of his PSP homebrew game Metroid: Return of the SA-X. more...

MinerPSP v1.1 [May 15, 2006]
jsharrad released a new version of his MinerPSP. more...

Mini Games Galore v2.0 [Apr 27, 2006]
These games are pretty simple to play and loads of fun. He's added another simple game called Quadroball, originally made for a TI-93 calculator. more...

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Little John (LJP) v1.1
Zion v1.2
Arukone v1.1
Greedy Penguins
CaPriCe v2.1
Delfin-Shift v1.0
pocketSand v0.83
Highlander v1.1
22Othello v0.1
CellarDoor v1.0.2
Next Element v1.0
Phoinix v1.4.1
Car v1.00f
Argon V v1.03
Mulg vIIq
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