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2d Paintball [Apr 18, 2006]
Here is a fun little game created by someone, It's a 2 player 2d Paintball game. more...

2PACMAN v1.5 mod for Poxman v1.0a [Apr 21, 2006]
Train2335 has released a new mod for the PSP Hacking 101 Lua game Poxman v1.0a, called 2PACMAN. more...

48 Hour Pong (3D) Revamp [Oct 20, 2006]
Insomniac197 made 48 Hour Pong (3D) during 48 hours. Commenters said that it looked nice and we were intrigued by the fact that the game allowed you to modify things (graphics, textures, and audio). more...

A Boy and His Dog [Dec 5, 2005]
A Boy and A Dog is a game in which you must get your dog to the goal at the end of the level. To get to the end of the level you must flip various switches, levers, and go through teleports to make sure your dog doesnt leave you forever. more...

Acno's Energizer Beta v.2 [Dec 16, 2005]
This game is written in Lua and is quite fun to play, the object is to use gravity and get the red circle to the blue exit. Using gravity, you must make certain moves to clear the path in order to reach the goal. more...

AgenaWorld v1.3 [Feb 27, 2006]
Agenaworld is an original multiplayer PSP to PSP game that allow you to command a spacecraft to other galaxies and visit all nine planets (plus the sun). more...

Air Hockey [Mar 9, 2006]
This is another air hockey game on the PSP if my memory is correct, compared to the old PSP Air Hockey, this version is simpler, but still has the 2-player function. more...

Alien Hunt v.02 [Oct 21, 2005]
Alien Hunt for the PSP, version 0.2, written in Lua. This is an edited version of Yashamaru´┐Żs PSP Duck Hunt v0.1, this version however does not support different Modes (or have a main menu.). more...

Alpha Attack v.Final [Sep 4, 2006]
Montrob has released the final version of his homebrew game for the PSP today called AlphaAttackPSP. more...

AOTM Mod - FF7 Edition [Oct 31, 2005]
BrokenWing has released us his FF7 mod, While may not have a PS1 Emulator to play FF7...It's have the second best thing =) Here is FF7 Mod for Attack of the Mutants. It's been seeing alot of these mods being hosted so thought you should join in. The level text only goes up to level 50 but it will be improved in the way future. more...

Attack of the Mutants v0.3 [Oct 16, 2005]
Attack of the Mutant is an arcade style space shooter. DeNitro has updated his Arcade style shooter for the PSP. more...

Attack of the Mutants: Mario Edition Mod [Dec 11, 2005]
Vaza has just released his latest mod for DeNitros Attack of the Mutants. more...

Attack Of The Mutant - Star Wars Mod [Oct 28, 2005]
Attack of the Mutants is a space arcade shooter game. The game play of the mod is similar to the original game. more...

Avalanche v.4 Final [May 1, 2006]
MaSt3r_ShAk3 has released the final version of his homebrew game coded in Lua, Avalanche v4. more...

Battleship v2 [Oct 18, 2005]
Elevationsnow has just released the latest version of his battleship game, this is new release of the battle ship beta, it being incredibly slow and boring and ugly well its all updated its full screen its fun its fast right now you play against the psp but in a week or so expect wirless play against your friends. more...

BeatQuest v1.0 [Nov 13, 2006]
BeatQuest is an adaptation of the highly addictive Dance Dance Revolution. more...

Beats of Rage v2.0049 [Aug 28, 2006]
SamuraiX and Fugue continue their winning collaboration on this game and here is just a few of the spanking new things you'll find in v2.0049. more...

Biohazard v2 [Sep 17, 2006]
Eskema has just released a new homebrew game, Biohazard. It's a 2D adventure game based on the Biohazard/Resident Evil series. more...

Biohazard2 v2.0 FINAL [Feb 4, 2007]
Homebrew hombre Eskema just dropped by a short while ago at the boards to let us know about a game to die for. more...

Blackjack v1.0 [Oct 25, 2005]
LuNcHb0x has released his LUA Blackjack v1.0 for PSP. LUA Blackjack v1.0 is a blackjack card game written in the Lua scripting language. more...

Block Attack v0.1 [Mar 16, 2006]
You can press and hold the cross button to make the red square fly higher, or release it to fall down, in order to dodge the black squares flying towards it. The green squares are life bonuses, don't miss them! more...

Bomberman Arena v1.0 [Oct 17, 2006]
ShUr1k3n has just updated his homebrew game Bomberman Arena to v1.0. more...

Bomberman MiniMod v0.2 [Jun 22, 2006]
A mod based on Shur1k3n Bomberman Arena - a homebrew clone of the classic strategic, maze-based video game. more...

BombJack v.1.0 [Feb 2, 2006]
Naboo has finally released his BombJack version 1.0. BombJack is a remake of the original BombJack, a puzzle game. more...

Bombjack Beta [Jan 25, 2006]
Thanks to new-comer naboo, everyone can enjoy Bomberjack on their PSP! This cute little platformer should be a welcome addition to anyone who remembers Mighty Bomb Jack back in the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System! more...

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Little John (LJP) v1.1
Zion v1.2
Arukone v1.1
Greedy Penguins
CaPriCe v2.1
Delfin-Shift v1.0
pocketSand v0.83
Highlander v1.1
22Othello v0.1
CellarDoor v1.0.2
Next Element v1.0
Phoinix v1.4.1
Car v1.00f
Argon V v1.03
Mulg vIIq
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