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MaDGiC Pentomino v0.1.0a

Size: 290 KB
Date: Januari 8, 2006
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • madgicpentomino-0.1.0.tar.gz

Author: Moaku
Home: https://www.psp.madgic.ch/
Email: n/a

Each game mode will have its own rules variants. Please refer to the help screen ingame to know more about these variants.
Anyway, basic rules are to be known before playing.

The goal is simple, We have some shapes, or more precisely Pentominoes (shapes made with 5 adjacents squares), and you have to place these shapes freely (direction, face) on a grid of random digits between 0 and 9 in order to make that the sum of all covered grid cells digits reach the maximum you can.

Menu: Up/Down (Digital or analog) : Move in the menu Left/Right (Digital or analog) : Change selected value X : Run current menu action Game: Directions (Digital ou analog) : Move.
X : Place Piece.
[] : Next Piece.
Triangle : Previous Piece.
Start : Menu.
Select : Capture moves of the game in file "snapshot.gsd".
(Titlescreen = gfx/titlescreen.gsd :)).
L : Rotate unclockwise.
R : Rotate clockwise.
(8 directions and not 4! (5 to 8 = flipped)).

Update Description:
V 0.1.0 (First public release):
- Improved the saving & listing profiles system Profiles aren't stocked in a files named profiles/name.prf with all other profiles files anymore. Now each profiles has its own directory Basic informations and preferences are now stored as binary data.
- The hiscores are now stored as binary data.
- The snapshots like titlescreen are now stored as binary data.
- The game is now able to run even if you just have eboot.pbp in the directory and at least 1 language in "texts".
- Fixed a bug when determining the ranking in hiscores that also caused a progressive corruption of the hiscores file.
- Source code modularization.
- Game grid has been centered.
- Onscreen texts are now separated from the source code They load from the memory stick. The 32 most recent texts are stored in memory to avoid reloading if they are used a lot All texts are now stored in textfiles in texts/language/ so anyone can add a language to the game just by adding the folder and files in texts.
- Fixed 3 glitches that were noticeable mainly while slowing down the CPU to 1Mhz (hoping to find that kind of bugs :)).
- Moving shapes in the game no longer makes little jumps and is now perfectly fluid.
- Fade out after titlescreen no longer stops before to entirely fade to black.
- Game timer no longer starts before the game is completely loaded and initialized..
- CPU clocked to 33MHz by default for those who likes play for long times without plugging power supply (Will change while adding features to the game) (for heavy functions, cpu is clocked @333 before running the function, and clocked back to @33 after running it).
- Optimized source code (perfs boost that reaches up to 50% in some cases).
- Game now also ends if it's not possible for player to place remaining shapes.
- Reduced minimal grid size to 5x5.
- Temporary clock @333MHz during all loadings.
- The game doesn't freeze anymore when editing a profile after playing a game.

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew.com/psp/madgicpentomino.shtml


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