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Size: 8.56 MB
Date: June 5, 2006
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • formido_1.5.rar

Author: Pervical
Home: https://www.psp3d.com/member.php?u=...
Email: n/a

Formido is a rather addictive electronic game in which the player goes out, "loaded fer bar," and shoots up a bunch of big, ugly extraterrestrial insects.

The objective is simple - is to kill as many of them as possible. Eventually they will defeat you through sheer force of numbers, so its a lost cause - so the best one can do is struggle as long as possible. There are "power-ups," however, so one can at least make the little hellions pay dearly for their ultimate victory. Remember, they are practically indestructible, and can work all manner of atrocity to the player-character when they get too close.

This freeware game has long been available for most platforms. Thanks to Percival, PSP owners can get in on the fun as well.

Formido is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Documentation is included in the archive.

One note from the original creator: those who manage to get very high scores are asked to send a screenshot via email to be considered for the Formido Hall of Fame.

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew.com/psp/formido.shtml


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