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Doom-PSP v0.04 S.S. B5

Size: 4.56 MB
Date: October 25, 2005 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • Doom-PSP-v0.04-SS-b5.zip

Author: Ryochan7
Email: n/a

Ryochan7 has just released another version of Doom-PSP.

This is the fourth release of Doom-PSP v0.04 S.S. Some of the changes in this release come from the work of Taka912 and the release of DoomPSP v0.04u1.

Update Description:
v0.04 S.S. B5:
- Compiled against newer version of the PSPSDK.
- A graphical glitch that periodically occurred in the other versions of Doom-PSP v0.04 S.S. has been fixed. Doom runs slightly faster now and the graphics have slightly improved.
- Menus changed slightly.
- Analog nub works in menus. Holding directional buttons now works to allow faster navigation through menus.
- Cleared conflict with the default button configuration without config.ini.
- Added overclocking feature.
- The CPU clock speed can be changed to run at 222 MHz, 266 MHz, or 333 MHz.
- This release includes the eboot files for firmware 1.0 and 1.5. This release also include the complete source code for this program.

v0.04 S.S. B4:
- Removed case sensitive WAD lookup. The last release only worked properly with WAD files with lowercase letters in the filename. This release can work with WAD files that have uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and also with WAD files that have a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters in the filename.
- Customizable button configuration. Button configuration is read from a text file. The portion of the program that reads the file mostly remains unchanged from the DoomPSP v0.04u1 release. The method by which the buttons are implemented is the major difference.
- Added a fix that allows both Unix and Windows formatted text files to be read properly. This program outputs the configuration changes to a Unix formatted text file. The original code only allowed Windows formatted text files to work properly so the output data made by this program could not be read by the program.
- Added a button configuration submenu. You can edit the button configuration while running the program. The changes can be saved to the configuration text file within the menu. To enter the submenu, press the L Trigger + the R Trigger + START. The layout of the menu is a little jank. You have to select which action you want to change from the right side and then press which button you want to be associated with the action. A swap will occur and the button that was highlighted will take the action of whatever the previous button had. Also, to switch from analog movement to using the DPad, you can select either choice in the menu and press any button to swap the two actions.

 SOURCE  https://www.files.pspupdates.qj.net/cgi-bin/cfiles.cgi?0,0,0,0...


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