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Dance v0.1

Size: 230 KB
Date: July 16, 2006
Type: Freeware
  • PSP
  • pspdance0.1.rar

Author: qwerty
Email: n/a

After playing the game, I immediately looked for other works that qwerty might have done in the past, and found this Super Mini Stick Guy Mod for Super Mini Mario V3. From that point on I realized that he indeed has a fascination for stick figures. In his previous mod, his inspiration were the doodles he made on his notebook of stick figures beating up teachers and going on adventures and stuff. I had to wonder what insipired him to make this game.

I readily assumed that this would have the same objective and gameplay as Dance Dance Revolution, I guessed that much from the title. Dance to the tune, follow some arrows and you're all set. Although, I wasn't at all impressed with the poorly made intro screen, I thought, Hey don't judge a game by its intro screen. As directed I pressed X to start.

Intro Screen:
I was transported to a very bright apple green screen, looking down at a stick figure inside of what looks like a box, black dots, another box on the right and in between those two boxes the familiar PSP buttons.

Dance 001:
After seeing the buttons in between the two boxes for some reason PaRappa the Rapper came to mind. And then I found myself wishing for the graphics to eventually graduate from a stick figure that has a brown background, that only goes unnoticed when he's inside that box, to something that off PaRappa the Rapper.

Dance 002:
So I pressed on the required buttons, hoping for the stick figure on stage to make a reaction. But it was in vain. Eventhough, he previously mentioned that the actions go by fast on his post, I wasn't expecting it to be that fast. Sometimes I chance upon raise a hand that looks more like a spasm than a dance move. I don't actually get how the acoring system works, or if it has one. But I would like to see a solid scoring system.

And then, there's the "Crowd Surf" option. Which at first, had me go, What crowd? and then an epiphany, Ohhh... those black dots. Hooger, from the forum, commented on that "he doesn't do anything when u press the buttons... he just stands there..." Actually, he does. Get a load of this crowd surfing documentation.

Dance 003Dance 004Dance 005Dance 006Dance 007:
So far, there isn't really much to say about this game. I'm not saying it doesn't have potential, but, there isn't anything much you can do at the moment. You can press those buttons all you want, but since he moves too fast, you can't see it. Crowd surfing can only be done once. So if you missed it, you'd have to restart the game. I'm encouraging qwerty to add better graphics and more functions to the game in future releases. I know you can do it.

 SOURCE  https://www.1homebrew.com/psp/dance.shtml


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