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Smart Mahjongg v1.54.2841

Size: 611 KB
Date: Oktober 25, 2007 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Pocket PC
  • .NET CF runtimes
  • SmartMahjongg_Setup.zip

Author: Christian Morawietz
Home: https://www.mor-it.com
Email: [email protected]

Smart Mahjongg is the adaptation of a popular old Chinese board game especially for Windows Mobile based Pocket PCs (PPC, PDA, Handheld). Other names are Mah Jong, Taipei, Taipeh or Shanghai.

The objective of the Solitaire version for single player, which is implemented in Smart Mahjongg, is to remove all 144 tiles from the board.

Smart Mahjongg is currently available with English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Spanish user interface.

- Different layouts and tile sets.
- Undo moves.
- Hints.
- Shuffle remaining tiles.
- High Score / Gamer statistics.
- Pause option stops timer.
- Auto-Play.
- Repeatable games (game numbers).
- Multi-language user interface.
- ...and yes, it is really free for personal usage. No adware or spyware or others in the same line.

Smart Mahjongg is available with these localizations:
- English (Christian Morawietz).
- French (Cocotteseb, Chris)
- German (Christian Morawietz)
- Italian (Matteo Saitta, Andrea Capello, Enrico Nardi)
- Polish (Jakub Kan'czugowski)
- Russian (Stanislav Screbkov, Evgeny Zubchenok)
- Slovak (Michal Bišc(o)
- Spanish (Fernando Calvo Pérez, Jorge Serrano, Ismael)
- Swedish (Olle Björk).

Update Description:
- Spain localisation improved - Thanks to Ismael.
- How to say "Shuffle Tiles" and "Shuffle Tiles: shuffles the remaining tiles (0 Pts)." in Polish and Slovak?

- French localisation improved - Thanks to Chris.

- Italian localisation improved - Thanks to Enrico Nardi.

- Bug fix.

- Russian localisation improved - Thanks to Evgeny Zubchenok.
- Cleaned up my source code project, very old Pocket PC platforms are no longer supported.

- Swedish localisation - Thanks to Olle Björk.
- Bug fix in Shuffle function.

- Shuffle function, can mix remaining tiles.
- Restart Game? question removed (it sucks).
- Bug fix.

- PC Setup now supports .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Windows Vista.
- Some minor updates.

-Slovak localisation.

- Bug fix.

- French localisation - Thanks to Cocotteseb.
- Support of square screens and screen rotation (QVGA 320x240, 240x320, 240x240).
- VGA 640x480 resolution is also allowed, but this is experimental (application should run in pixel-doubling mode).
- Repeatable game numbers.
- Some minor updates.

- Russian localisation - Thanks to Stanislav Screbkov.
- Italian localisation improved - Thanks to Matteo Saitta.
- Tile set "Egyptain".
- Pause function.
- Diagnostic function and logging.
- Save and restore the current game at restart.
- New method of counting for the highscore.
- Improving performance.
- Bugfixing.

- Polish localisation - Thanks to Jakub Kanczugowski.
- Italian localisation - Thanks to Andrea Capello.
- Some minor updates and bug fixes.

- Spanish localisation - Thanks to Fernando Calvo Pérez and Jorge Serrano.
- Interruptible Autoplay function.
- Check of screen resolution at startup to prevent from wrong devices.
- Some other minor updates and bug fixes.

- Error handling improved.
- Some minor bugs fixed.
- Time bomb of beta versions removed, this version is unlimited.

 SOURCE  https://www.freewareppc.com/games/smartmahjongg.shtml


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