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123Guess v0.31 [Dec 7, 2005]
123Guess is a brainteaser game, a Mastermind with numbers rather than colors or symbols. more...

15 v1.2 [Mar 4, 2005]
This classic puzzle is over 100 years old, but still remains one of the most popular. more...

15 Puzzle v1.1 [Feb 19, 2007]
15 Puzzle is a sliding square puzzle commonly (but incorrectly) attributed to Sam Loyd. more...

All Mobile Mines v4.0.1 [Jul 31, 2007]
Free Minesweeper game. more...

Aqua Lines v2.0 [Sep 23, 2005]
In this game you will build straight lines of color balls. more...

ArithmeTick [Feb 6, 2007]
The objective in ArithmeTick is to solve as many addition, subtration, multiplication, and division problems as possible before time runs out. more...

Arukone v1.1 [Apr 28, 2008]
Arukone = Number link, the Japanese game published by Nikoli. more...

AsobiSimon v1.0 [May 18, 2007]
An age old classic, a game of follow the leader. more...

Binary [Jan 8, 2008]
How fast can you compute in Binary ? more...

BlackBox v3.1 [Mar 12, 2007]
BlackBox is a game that is a cross between Minesweeper and Mastermind. more...

BlackFlip v0.3 [Apr 8, 2008]
BlackFlip is a Polarium clone, an easy to play (but hard to finish) puzzle game perfectly suited for stylus play. more...

BombSquad [Oct 8, 2006]
This game is a clone of the well-known and popular "Minesweeper". more...

Box Up v2.0 [Aug 17, 2005]
Your challenge is to use the green pusher (small square) to push the small red box inside the larger blue box. more...

BPuzz v1.0 [Jan 23, 2006]
Fill in the grid with numbers 1 to 25. You must keep a distance of 2 cases beetween consecutifs numbers on horizontal and vertical and a distance of 1 cases diagonally. more...

BSoduko v1.4 [Mei 2, 2007]
BSoduko is a numeric brainteaser. more...

Caisses v1.10 [Feb 24, 2008]
Caisses is a Sokoban clone that includes 500 levels and 14 different backgrounds and themes. more...

Cardhue v1.0 [Dec 7, 2007]
In Cardhue, you have to find the symbols hidden in a grid. more...

ChristmasXed v1.0 [Jan 11, 2008]
ChristmasXed is a Christmas-themed version of the puzzle game Xed, with more than 2000 levels ! more...

Click and Slide [Sep 19, 2007]
This is a small puzzle game for Pocket PC. more...

Color Lines v1.0 [Dec 2, 2007]
Color Lines is a Pocket PC version of that classic game where you have to put 5 or more balls in a row to make them disappear. more...

Connecting Jigsaw v1.0 [Jun 2, 2006]
Connecting Jigsaw is a special Jigsaw puzzle game, every pieces of jigsaw must be connect to the same number (or the same picture). more...

Dekses [Dec 4, 2006]
Dekses is a puzzle game with 3 game modes, the idea is to follow and right number order and move the digits it their correct places. more...

DukWite v2.2 [Dec 6, 2005]
DukWite is a very challenging action/puzzle brand new 2D scrolling game. more...

Enigma v1.0 [Aug 19, 2005]
This is italian crossword game with two puzzle included. more...

EnLight v1.0 [Sep 5, 2005]
Very cool puzzle game where you must turn off all lights on the gamefield! more...

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Little John (LJP) v1.1
Zion v1.2
Arukone v1.1
Greedy Penguins
CaPriCe v2.1
Delfin-Shift v1.0
pocketSand v0.83
Highlander v1.1
22Othello v0.1
CellarDoor v1.0.2
Next Element v1.0
Phoinix v1.4.1
Car v1.00f
Argon V v1.03
Mulg vIIq
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