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3210 [Jan 10, 2008]
3210 is all about concentration and stress management. more...

Acurspee v1.0 [Jul 10, 2006]
Small arcade game, one screen, one black ball. more...

Allure Xonix v1.4 [Mar 4, 2005]
Allure Xonix is a modern remake of a well-known arcade game QIX. more...

Aquelaball [Jan 6, 2008]
Aquelaball is a JezzBall-like game for Pocket PC. more...

BallBreaker [Jan 7, 2008]
Test out your reflexes and Stylus control with BallBreaker ! more...

BallRebound [Jun 29, 2007]
Periodically, moving balls appear on the bottom of the field. more...

Battleship v1.0 [Oct 13, 2006]
This is a Pocket PC version of the classic Battleship game. more...

Be The Last v1.1 [Jan 13, 2006]
If you can make the last bomb explode, you win. more...

Bubble Buster v1.06 [May 27, 2005]
Soar through the clouds and bust as many bubbles as you can within the given time limit. more...

Chain Reaction [Jan 6, 2008]
Chain Reaction is all about exploding stuff ! more...

Creatonia [Feb 24, 2008]
The world Creatonia is populated with various creatures that may be friendly or hostile, that may be alike or different. more...

CyberHockey v2.7 [Oct 4, 2006]
Cool air-hockey'ish type game. Awesome for that 5 minutes wait in a bus line. more...

Dames are Trouble v1.0 [Mar 17, 2006]
Your name is Jim Novak, and you're a private investigator. more...

DangerZone [Jan 8, 2008]
DangerZone is a remake of the famous Carre Rouge flash game ! more...

Death Drive v1.0 [Nov 7, 2006]
Death Drive is an arcade racing game with advanced battle system. more...

FireShoot [Jun 29, 2007]
This is a simple shooting game. more...

Fishocopter [Jun 10, 2007]
Fishocopter is an addictive arcade game for your Pocket PC or your Smartphone! more...

Fogron v1.0 [Jan 24, 2005]
The Fogron is 3D arcade game, primary aimed to the PocketPC2003, altough is able to run on Windows OS too. more...

Gold Sanx v1.0 [Aug 3, 2006]
Keep your ball in the air, collect points and don't crash. more...

Guss v1.0 [Nov 30, 2007]
Snake, along with pong is one of the older games ever; here is a pocket pc version of such game. more...

JumpingCube v1.0 [Jun 13, 2007]
This is a version of KJumpingCube found on KDE. more...

JumpyBall [Oct 30, 2006]
JumpyBall is a new freeware 3D arcade game for your Pocket PC or Smartphone. more...

Labyrinth 2D [Jul 1, 2007]
This is a small walking and shooting game. more...

Odyssey v1.03 [Sep 19, 2005]
Are you brave enough to boldly go where no man has gone before? Prepare for the ultimate odyssey into deep space and become a legend in the Battle of the Universe! more...

Pillz v1.0 [Apr 28, 2006]
In this original arcade game, you must keep the Pillz from breaking through the bricks and reaching the bottom. more...

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Little John (LJP) v1.1
Zion v1.2
Arukone v1.1
Greedy Penguins
CaPriCe v2.1
Delfin-Shift v1.0
pocketSand v0.83
Highlander v1.1
22Othello v0.1
CellarDoor v1.0.2
Next Element v1.0
Phoinix v1.4.1
Car v1.00f
Argon V v1.03
Mulg vIIq
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