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Pocket Griddler v1.7.2

Size: 875 KB
Date: January 31, 2006 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Pocket PC
  • .NET CF v2.0
  • PocketGriddlerInstall-1.7.2.exe

Author: DavidSoft
Home: https://www.davidsoft.org/
Email: [email protected]

This game comes straight from Japan, where it is called 'Nonogram'; the Brittish call it 'Griddler', or 'Paint by number'. Finally, it is Nintendo, with 'Mario Picross', who made this game famous in the videogame world.

To play PocketGriddler, you'll need a PocketPC with the .NET Compact Framework installed.

Windows Mobile 2003 users will be happy to hear that they already have this .NET Framework in the ROM of their machine; other (less lucky) users will have to go on Microsoft web site to download it (sorry!)

Rules of the game:
The goal of this game is very easy: you have to find out, using deduction, which cells on the grid are empty (white), and which ones are filled (black).

Like in crosswords, you'll have to series of hints: an horizontal, corresponding to the lines, and a vertical, for the columns.

Each hint is a serie of numbers (sometimes a single one), which each represent the length of the black cells sequences (the number of consecutive black squares). Pay attention, the white cells are never counted, only black cells.

For example, if the hint for line #3 is "4, 6", then you know that this line is composed of:
- Some white cells (0 .. n)
- 4 black cells
- Some white cells, but not zero (the sequences of black cells have to be separated somehow)
- 6 black cells
- Some white cells (0 .. n)

Easy, isn't it? But addictive enough to keep you at play!

Here are some tips:
- Begin with empty or completely black lines and columns.
- If the sum of the sequences of black cells (the numbers in the hints) and the minimum white cells necessary to separate them (one cell between each number) is equal to the line/column length, then you know where the black cells are.
- Then, as in crosswords or minesweeper, each cell you will point out as either black or white will help you deduct other cells.

A few websites to visit:
- You will find more tips in the puzzle museum.
- A list of griddler-related programs ands sites.

The game is free, but you need to register it here.

Update Description:
- Optional grid compression (removal of left, right, top and bottom empty or full lines and columns).
- Enhanced arcade mode level design.
- Better difficulty rating engine and feedback.
- (Re)corrected bug with autocomplete feature.
- Corrected bug : random from template crashed the game.
- New registration mode, which makes online registration possible (will be implemented soon on the website).
- Options can now be saved even when not registered.
- Added worldwide highscores to the setup package.

- Ported to .Net Compact Framework 2.
- VGA devices support, including full-screen mode; now big grids are not a problem anymore!
- New mode: arcade; a serie of random levels of increasing difficulty.
- New installation engine, all the skins are now included and unpacked automatically at the time of the first run.

- Grid solving engine : now every generated grid can be finished ; in random mode, the engine tries every grid it generates and keeps only those it can finish.
- Added sounds and music.
- White cells can be autocompleted (optional).
- Difficulty (and therefore scores) computing algorithm has been changed.
- Middle lines (or 1/3, 2/3 lines) are colored differently (optional).
- New mode: random grid from a collection of templates; difficulty is computed automatically.
- Visual clue when a line/column is completed.

- Bugfix (no timer mode was timing the game anyway).
- Modification of the skins rendering.

 SOURCE  https://www.freewareppc.com/games/pocketgriddler.shtml


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