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  Palm Gaming World: Games by Jean-François Mainguet
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[Apr 28, 2008] Arukone v1.1       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
Arukone = Number link, the Japanese game published by Nikoli. more...

[Mar 12, 2007] BlackBox v3.1       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
BlackBox is a game that is a cross between Minesweeper and Mastermind. more...

[Aug 17, 2005] Box Up v2.0       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
Your challenge is to use the green pusher (small square) to push the small red box inside the larger blue box. more...

[Dec 7, 2007] Cardhue v1.0       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
In Cardhue, you have to find the symbols hidden in a grid. more...

[Apr 9, 2007] Hitofri v1.2       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
Hitori is a Japanese puzzle game (literally -let me alone-), published by Nikoli. more...

[Des 7, 2007] Magnets v2.3       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
Magnets is a game originally proposed in the french magazine "La Recherche", end of 2003. more...

[Sep 12, 2005] Newborn (my memory game) v1.5       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
This is the classical memory game, where you have to find the paired images. more...

[Dec 15, 2006] Rawalls v1.4       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
In this puzzle game, you have to find out where the walls on the edges of hexagons are located, given the number of visible cells from each cells. more...

[Dec 6, 2005] Reflection's matter v2.7       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
This game looks like Black Box at first sight, but the reflexion rules are different: it uses laser instead of X-rays, and mirrors instead of atoms. more...

[Sep 12, 2005] Son'Art v2.3       Category: Pocket PC | Puzzle
You will have to find out the colors, given the list scanned by the "sonart" on the edge. more...

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